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Published: 19 August, 2011
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Box 53
SE-401 20 Gothenburg
Telefon +46 (31) 62 60 00

Gothenburg Energy (GE), in cooperation with the Port of Gothenburg are engaged in an effort to introduce LNG as a fuel in Gothenburg. The goal is to contribute to the sustainable city by providing a shipfuel that is much cleaner than the fuel used today.
GE has been working with gas since 1846 and is the leading energy supplier in western Sweden. The Port of Gothenburg is a hub for shipping to Scandinavia. Together, these parties have the resources and expertise that is needed for providing LNG to the shipping industry.

Port of Gothenburg is Scandinavia's largest port with both container, ro/ro- and carhandling as well as cruise ships and oil / power port
Göteborg Energi is one of Sweden's most committed environmental energy companies, and strides towards creating sustainable energy solutions. Efficient energy supply is one of the most important foundation stones of a well-functioning society.


Swedocean is a trade group for suppliers to the maritime industry (shipping and offshore) as well as organizations and agencies in this sector. They research, develop, manufacture and market systems, products and services to the global marine market.
Swedish Marine Technology Forum is a non-profit organization that gathers the maritime industry in Sweden.The organization is working toward development of new and less environmentally damaging products, efficient production and cooperation between firms, universities and public representatives.
Our members are engineering solutions, manufacturing, products and services in these areas.